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The Legend of Mount Semeru

Semeru is known as a mountain that has a conical peak like a pyramid, and is the highest volcano in Indonesia. Mount Semeru tour provides different things, including access to the nature from which you can see the beauty of the natural expanse of green that seemed unlimited. That is why for mountaineers, Semeru has become one of the dream. Put it in other words, reaching at one of the highest peak in Indonesia is a dream for mountain climbers. Just like other mountain peaks, the main attraction offered by Semeru is the sunrise. Imagine yourself standing on the highest peak, and sure it is certainly an unforgettable experience.

There are many legends that mention that Mount Meru in India is the origin of Mount Semeru. This belief comes from an ancient book titled Tantu Exhibition which tells that the island of Java in the 15th century is an unstable island, floating in the ocean and swayed by the ferocious waves. That’s why the gods decided to move Mount Meru to Java. At the beginning of the Gods did not put Mount Meru in the east, but in the western part of Java Island. However, because it is too heavy, the mountain is finally transferred to the eastern part of Java Island. In the process of moving, debris from Mount Meru spread out and eventually turned into a mountain range on the island of Java. That’s how the legend told us.

Mount Semeru Tour

Mount Semeru Tour : Few Tips to Remember

Before starting a journey to mount Semeru, it is important to remember a few tips. The following tips will be useful both for beginner and for senior who has many experiences in climbing mountain.

  • Stay healthy

Exercising regularly a few weeks before making the climb is a wise choice. Exercise can keep in shape and also can prevent you from various diseases.

  • Do Travel Management

It is associated with some crucial things such as how much time will we spend in Semeru, take care of permission for leave (for employee), and preparing ticket from the place of origin to Semeru and vice versa.

  • Find information about Mount Semeru

It is associated with some kinds of information such as the terrain, hiking trails, climbing rules, habits, customs and so forth. The source of such information could come from the Internet or the experience of a friend who had come to Semeru before you. You can also ask these information from the provider of Mount Semeru tour.

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